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No one expects to cancel or interrupt a trip but it happens. What if a family member becomes sick, injured or dies? What if your flights are delayed and you get stranded? What if you just change your mind? These are all events that could cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip and lose some or all of your prepaid trip expenses.

With the right Trip Care Complete plan in place, you can plan your trip without worrying so much about the unexpected.

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Coverage Highlights
Trip Cancellation
We will reimburse your non-refundable prepaid Trip payments/deposits, up to the amount insured, if cancellation occurs before your scheduled departure because of unforeseen circumstances covered in the plan, such as illness, injury, death, strike, and weather. We will also reimburse additional costs incurred if the Travel Supplier cancels your trip and you elect to replace that Travel Supplier with a different Travel Supplier.

Trip Interruption
We will reimburse (up to the maximum for the Option selected) your non-refundable prepaid and unused Trip payments when your Trip is interrupted after departure, due to unforeseen circumstances covered in the plan. Coverage includes reimbursement for additional transportation expenses to join or rejoin the Trip, or to return home.

Trip Delay
If your trip is delayed 6 or more hours due to covered reasons, you will be reimbursed for reasonable additional expenses, up to the maximum for the Option you selected. Covered reasons include carrier caused delays, traffic accident enroute to the departure, stolen passports or visas and weather.

Medical Expense
We will pay for reasonable and customary medical and surgical services of a physician, nurse or hospital as a result of a covered Injury or Sickness first occurring on your Trip, up to the plan maximum. Included are anesthetics, x-ray examinations, laboratory tests, ambulance service, drugs and medicines, and emergency dental treatment for the relief of pain.
Residents of MA: This benefit will be replaced with Accident and Sickness Hospital Indemnity Coverage.

Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains
We will pay reasonable charges for emergency medical evacuation required by a Physician, for a covered Injury or Sickness, to the nearest adequate medical facility or home if medically necessary, up to the maximum for the Option you selected. All evacuations use the most direct and economical conveyance and route possible. All evacuations must be arranged and authorized by Assist Card.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver
If you have been treated or diagnosed with an illness or injury during the 60-day period prior to the effective date of your policy, that illness or injury is not covered unless it qualifies under the waiver. The Pre-Existing Condition exclusion is waived if you 1) purchased the policy within 14 days of the initial deposit to book the covered trip; and 2) the booking for the Covered Trip is the first and only for this travel period and destination; and 3) you and the covered travelers are not disabled from travel at the time this policy is purchased.

Cancel/Interruption for Any Reason Upgrade (Not available to residents of NY)
This benefit is available at an additional cost, and will pay 75% of your prepaid, non-refundable Trip payments/deposits if your Trip is cancelled for any reason not otherwise covered by the plan provided: (1) you purchase this option within 14 days of your initial Trip payments/deposit; (2) you insure all prepaid Trip costs, including 100% of any subsequently booked Trip arrangements within 14 days of payment/confirmation of those additional arrangements; and (3) the Trip is cancelled at least 2 days prior to scheduled departure.

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